Beverly Ress - Drawing
Drawing, to me, is learning to see. I want to see the materiality of the world - what is.
Over the years, it’s become more and more clear to me that objects contain multitudes – humor, beauty, mystery, and darkness.
As I draw, there is an almost Jungian task of integrating the many aspects that exist within each object.
How do I see and interpret the object as real, and physical? How do I understand its abstraction? Its metaphorical qualities?
How do I understand the object’s relation to space? I take the sculptor’s stance: that space has its own materiality. Each drawing must respond to the question of that relationship. How is the object integrated with emptiness? How does each inform and affect the other?
My response is that, once made, the drawing itself becomes an object. I re-look at the new object and work with its materiality - cutting into it, weaving and tearing it, and re-organizing shapes found within it; or laying pools of watercolor over the carefully drawn work, to see what effect it will have on what’s come before.
I am ravenous.